Nuclear physics

Organisational: Lecture held Tue 10-12 in P603

Tutorials: Mo 10-12, P1012

Mo 12-14, P1012, M631, P812

Mo14-16 M631

Lecture at the University of Konstanz covering the basics of nuclear and particle physics. In particular, detectors and accelerators, nuclear masses, reactors, theory of alpha- and beta decay. Short introduction to the standard model of particle physics including modern aspects, such as neutrino oscillations.

Introduction/Scattering (PPT, 10355 KB)

Detectors (PPT, 8162 KB)

Binding Energies (PPT, 4727 KB)

Decays (PPT, 14861 KB)

Neutrinos (PPT, 8567 KB)

Standard Model (PPT, 3358 KB)

Summary (PPT, 7565 KB)


Blatt 13 (PDF, 122 KB)

The student presentations from the exercises are here.