MaNEP Workshop on Topological Quantum Phenomena

Workshop Image

November 21-22 2016, Department of Physics, University of Zurich

Organizers: Hugo Dil, EPFL, Johan Chang, UZH, Titus Neupert, UZH
Administration: Carmelina Genovese, UZH


This workshop brings together experimentalists and theorists working on topological phases of matter and strongly spin-orbit coupled systems. Recent developments in this field include the experimental realization of topological semimetals, novel materials that may harbor topological superconductivity as well advances in the preparation of spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional electron gases. In particular it will cover the subjects 

(1) Topological metals and insulators 
(2) Theory of interacting topological states of matter 
(3) Spin-orbit interaction and correlated electron systems
(4) Unconventional superconductivity

Keynote speaker: Andrei Bernevig, Princeton University




Dmitry Abanin, Uni Geneva

Ana Akrap, Uni Geneva

Tomas Bzdusek, ETH Zurich

Sarah Etter, ETH Zurich

Jelena Klinovaja, Uni Basel

Yang Lin, EPFL

Frederic Mila, EPFL

Alberto Morpurgo, Uni Geneva

Christopher Mudry, PSI Villigen

Markus Müller, PSI Villigen

Henrik Ronnow, EPFL

Christian Rüegg, PSI Villigen

Ming Shi, PSI Villigen

Anna Tamai, Uni Geneva

Maryam Teherinejad, ETH Zurich

Oleg Yazyev, EPFL


The workshop program can be downloaded here (PDF, 1033 KB)