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  • Review of the Year 2015

    From Mother’s Milk to Rocket Launches

    On an almost daily basis over the course of 2015, UZH News reported the latest news at Switzerland’s largest university. We take leave for this year by passing review on some of the biggest events of the past 12 months. As of January 2016, we will be ready to serve you again with the latest news, interviews, and videos. More …

  • swissuniversities

    “We don’t want a mishmash. We want clear profiles.”

    UZH President Michael Hengartner has been elected the new president of swissuniversities, the conference of the rectors of Swiss tier-one universities, universities of applied sciences, and universities of teacher education. In this interview he explains his motivation for accepting this position. More …

  • Alumni

    A New Chapter for the Nation’s Capital

    The University of Zurich has a new alumni group in Washington, D.C. The chapter was inaugurated last week in a ceremony attended by ambassador and UZH alumnus Martin Dahinden and UZH president Michael Hengartner. More …

  • Human Lactation Research

    Breastfeeding is Healthy. But Why?

    We still don’t know why breastfeeding protects children from illness and infection. But that’s about to change. Thanks to funding from the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation, the world’s first medical professorship for human lactation research is to be set up at UZH. More …

  • Vetsuisse Faculty

    The Agrovet-Strickhof construction project is underway

    UZH, ETH Zurich and the Canton of Zurich have permission to build the Agrovet-Strickhof, a jointly operated agricultural education and research centre in Eschikon Lindau. More …

  • Language Center

    Learn German at turbo speed

    The Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich has developed a new, nine-month intensive German course. This highly practical course aims to open the way for better integration of doctoral students from outside Switzerland. The graduates of the first course have plenty of success stories to share. More …

  • University Children’s Hospital Zurich

    The Burning Issue of Poverty

    The University Children’s Hospital Zurich is helping a hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul improve care for children with burn injuries. The premises have been renovated, and now it’s time to train the staff. More …

  • Hult Prize

    Early Education for Kids in Urban Slums

    Fully committed on all fronts: In the rare moments when they’re not busy with their research, Zurich PhD students Shan Krishnan, Nina Stojeva, and Marta Morawska are working hard to win a million dollars to help the poorest of the poor through early education in urban slums. In the video they explain how they’re going about it. More … 1 Comment

  • Citizens Science

    Citizens create knowledge

    Search for asteroids, observe birds or make the computing power of your own computer available: through ‘citizen science’, citizens can participate in various research projects. At a workshop hosted by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, scientists and other interested parties will discuss the conditions under which it can be achieved. More …