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  • Executive Board of the University

    Inspiring the Spirit of Discovery

    In February, Christoph Hock will succeed Daniel Wyler as Vice President for Medicine and Science. The Alzheimer’s researcher will be working to promote basic research and innovative medicine. More …

  • Biochemistry

    Martin Jinek Wins Ernst T. Jucker Award

    Martin Jinek, Assistant Professor at UZH’s Department of Biochemistry, has won this year’s Ernst T. Jucker Award for groundbreaking insights in the field of cancer research. This year’s award comes with a prize of CHF 10,000. More …

  • Internships abroad

    Global Ambassadors for UZH

    Graduates from UZH holding a Master’s degree can represent their alma mater around the globe – as a paid intern at a Swissnex office. Michelle Hufschmid, Elias Blum, and Niklaus Waldvogel report on their experiences. More …