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  • University Board

    "A great loss for UZH"

    Markus Graf, a member of the Board of the University since 2016, was particularly committed to real estate development at UZH. He passed away last Saturday at the age of 69. More …

  • Portrait

    Sport with Head and Heart

    Triathlete and cultural studies scholar Yonca Krahn researches the links between space, sport, and the body. More …

  • Law and Ethics

    Surrogacy and Child Protection

    Surrogacy has become a trans-national industry. At UZH, an international group of experts has come together to develop principles for the protection of the children involved. In this interview, UZH professor of law Andrea Büchler discusses the challenges. More …

  • Communications research

    Learning to Surf

    The Swiss National Science Foundation elected UZH communications scholar Eszter Hargittai to be a member of its National Research Council from April 2018 onwards. Her research focuses among other things on the different ways in which people can benefit from the internet. More …

  • swissuniversities

    "Speaking with one voice"

    Michael Hengartner's presidency of the umbrella organization swissuniversities runs until the end of 2018. In this interview, the UZH President talks about what has been achieved so far, the challenges ahead – and why he is planning to stand for re-election. More …

  • Order of Merit

    UZH Virus Researcher Honored

    Karin Mölling, professor emerita of virology at UZH, has been awarded the Cross of Merit (First Class) of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. More …

  • Society

    On Feeling at Home and Citizens' Rights

    The exhibition "Zürcher!nnen machen" examines what being a "Zürcher" actually means. The question was also the fiercely debated topic of a panel discussion. More …

  • Talk im Turm

    Wormholes and the Cradle of Modernity

    Screws, glasses, printing: The inventions of the Renaissance triggered a dramatic surge in development. Will digitalization have a comparable impact on modern society? Historian Bernd Roeck and physicist Titus Neupert debated the question at UZH’s Talk im Turm podium discussion. More …

  • Campus

    Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    UZH student Luca Baltensperger rowed across the Atlantic as part of the “Swiss Mocean” team. No mean feat, with about a million rowing strokes over 4,700 kilometers. More …

  • Japanese Studies

    Water Clocks and Eternity

    Medieval Japan wasn’t a pre-modern timeless paradise, says Raji C. Steineck. The Japanese studies scholar is examining the nature of time and researching how time is perceived in the land of the rising sun. More …

  • Anthropology

    Tailing Apes

    Anthropologist Carel van Schaik has spent years observing orangutans and tackling the major questions of human evolution. He finds new answers to them time and time again. More … 2 Comments

  • Philosophy

    “The freedom of thought appealed to me”

    The first-ever Zurich Philosophy Festival kicks off next week. The theme: “Me, Me, Me.” We spoke to the man behind the festival, UZH philosophy student Urs Siegfried. More …

  • Social Policy

    “Investment instead of insurance”

    Polarization in Swiss politics makes the country less able to reform, says political scientist Silja Häusermann. She wants to see a welfare state that helps people to stay in the employment market. More …