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  • Open Access

    Stories Can Wait – Science Can’t

    Systems biologist Lawrence Rajendran has launched the ScienceMatters platform with the aim of revolutionizing science publishing. It’s designed to enable researchers to publish their data more quickly by making it available in phases. More … 3 Comments

  • Wyss Translational Center Zurich

    Bridge to Practice

    On Monday evening the Wyss Translational Center Zurich was inaugurated in an official ceremony. The aim of the new development center, set up by the University and ETH Zurich with a donation from entrepreneur Hansjörg Wyss, is to translate innovative ideas from pure research more rapidly into practice. More …

  • Gravitational Waves

    Countdown to the Experiment of the Century

    LISA Pathfinder is a satellite designed to help detect gravitational waves in space. The countdown to the launch of the rocket carrying the probe has started. UZH physicist Philippe Jetzer is involved at the forefront of this international experiment. More …

  • Citizen Science

    Research Tapping the Power of Citizen Science

    Citizen science has become a firm feature of established research. The University of Zurich has joined forces with ETH Zurich and the University of Geneva in a call for universally binding guidelines and principles for citizen science. More …

  • Physics

    A new detector for dark matter

    The new XENON1T detector in Italy is aimed at making dark matter particles visible. UZH Physics Professor Laura Baudis and her team played a significant role in the development and construction of this detector. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Programs (CRPPs)

    Research Initiative Makes the Grade

    External evaluators have given UZH’s Clinical Research Priority Programs the thumbs-up. The program, designed to support efforts at the interface of research and clinical practice, is now entering Phase 2. More …

  • Quantitative Biology

    New Trend in the Life Sciences

    Cycler, a program for analyzing biological cells, has earned Gabriele Gut and Prisca Liberali the prestigious honor of publication in Nature Methods. This puts the increasingly important field of quantitative biology firmly in the limelight. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    When Oxygen Levels are Low

    Low levels of oxygen can lead to aggressive tumor growth. Researchers on the Tumor Oxygenation Clinical Research Priority Program (CCRP) are pursuing various promising methodological, clinical, and preclinical approaches in an effort to find out why this is so. More …

  • North-South Collaboration

    Medicine under the equatorial sky

    A symposium will be held on 24/25 August devoted to the North-South Cooperation between UZH and Uganda. As part of the preparations, journalist Ruedi Küng went along on the trip to the Ugandan capital, Kampala, and reports for UZH News on his impressions. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    Riding to Success in Tandem

    The Molecular Imaging Network Zurich – “MINZ” for short – has the goal of improving diagnostic and therapeutic imaging techniques. MINZ is one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs (CRPPs). UZH News is presenting a series of features on these. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    Tracking down Viruses

    The aim of the Viral Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Priority Program is to track down dormant human immunodeficiency viruses, and find unidentified pathogens that plague people with weak immune systems. This is part of a series of UZH News articles featuring the Clinical Research Priority Programs. More …

  • Human Lactation Research

    Breastfeeding is Healthy. But Why?

    We still don’t know why breastfeeding protects children from illness and infection. But that’s about to change. Thanks to funding from the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation, the world’s first medical professorship for human lactation research is to be set up at UZH. More …

  • Sociology

    Global Nomads

    So-called transnational mobiles live in more and more places around the globe. For her research, sociologist Claudia Vorheyer has interviewed people who have made being on the move a fundamental way of life. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    Rare Diseases: Not as Rare as You Think

    The Rare Disease Initiative Zurich (radiz) is a CCRP revolving around developing improved treatments for patients with rare diseases. It’s one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs. UZH News is presenting a series of features on these programs. More …

  • Remote Sensing

    “We’re very excited!”

    It’s a big day for the team headed by Michael Schaepman, Professor of Remote Sensing at the UZH Department of Geography: This morning a Vega rocket was launched from French Guiana carrying Sentinel-2A, a satellite their team helped to develop. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Programs

    Getting to Grips with the Blood and Immune System

    The Human Hemato-Lymphatic Diseases Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP) is all about finding better therapies for serious blood disorders and infections. The CRPP is one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs. UZH News is presenting a series of features on these programs. More … 2 Comments

  • Vetsuisse Faculty

    The Agrovet-Strickhof construction project is underway

    UZH, ETH Zurich and the Canton of Zurich have permission to build the Agrovet-Strickhof, a jointly operated agricultural education and research centre in Eschikon Lindau. More …

  • Cardiology

    Broken Hearts

    A ventricle that looks like a Japanese octopus trap, and symptoms resembling a coronary: Zurich cardiologists are researching the mysterious and dangerous “broken heart syndrome”. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    The Heterogeneity of Multiple Sclerosis

    There are many different types of multiple sclerosis. The University of Zurich’s Clinical Research Priority Program on Multiple Sclerosis is trying to identify the different forms the disease takes as a basis for developing new treatments.  More …

  • Alpine Groundwater

    Exploring the Tiefen Glacier

    In a project funded under the University of Zurich’s “Forschungskredit,” hydrologist Philipp Schneider and his team are looking into the quality, quantity, distribution, and storage patterns of alpine groundwater. More …

  • Cancer Research

    Outwitting the Immune System

    An American biotech firm is developing a new antibody to combat cancer that also improves the patient’s feeling of well-being. Its work is based on research done by Zurich dermatologist Thomas Kündig. More … 1 Comment

  • RNA-Research

    Cracking the Prion Puzzle

    A multidisciplinary team around prion researcher Adriano Aguzzi is using small RNA molecules to gain deeper insights into disease processes. “Small RNAs” is one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs (CRPPs). UZH News is presenting a series of features on these programs. More …

  • Cooperation with Japan

    Technology for Aging

    Last week researchers from Japan and Switzerland met at a workshop in Tokyo to discuss ways modern technology could facilitate healthy aging. The co-organizer of the workshop, UZH gerontologist Mike Martin, talked to us about the background to the meeting. More …

  • Hult Prize

    Early Education for Kids in Urban Slums

    Fully committed on all fronts: In the rare moments when they’re not busy with their research, Zurich PhD students Shan Krishnan, Nina Stojeva, and Marta Morawska are working hard to win a million dollars to help the poorest of the poor through early education in urban slums. In the video they explain how they’re going about it. More … 1 Comment

  • Neurorehabilitation

    Doctor on Your Wrist

    It’s in the wake of paraplegia, a stroke or multiple sclerosis that the strengths of the brain really come into play: To some extent it can compensate for deficiencies. Physicians and engineers on the Neuro-Rehab Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP) at UZH are investigating the brain’s plasticity and working on tailored training programs for the patients affected. More …

  • Proteomics

    Personalising medicine with proteins

    Ruedi Aebersold, Professor of Systems Biology has developed the proteomics method together with a team of international researchers to such an extent that doctors and clinical researchers can now use this technique as a tool. In a conversation, the professor at ETH and the University of Zurich explains how information from proteins can advance personalised medicine. More …

  • Robotics

    Flying with Drones

    Davide Scaramuzza is Assistant Professor of Robotics at UZH. He develops software enabling spaces and objects to be captured in three dimensions. The idea is to be able to teach drones to fly autonomously. His research will soon also be used by the game industry. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    New Therapies for Liver Cancer

    The liver is the only organ in the human body that can regrow. The Liver Tumors Clinical Research Priority Program is looking into how this ability can be used to cure liver cancer. This is one of a series of UZH News articles featuring the eleven Clinical Research Priority Programs. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Program

    Skin from the Petri Dish

    UZH researchers are attempting to create skin substitutes that can be transplanted from the petri dish to people with burns and skin conditions. Their endeavors are bearing fruit, with the first usable skin grafts currently undergoing clinical trials. Skin Grafts for Zurich is one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs (CRPPs). UZH News will be presenting a series of features on these programs. More …

  • Swiss National Science Foundation

    Four Consolidator Grants for Junior Researchers at UZH

    Junior researchers at UZH have been awarded four of the Swiss National Science Foundation’s 21 Consolidator Grants. One of these researchers is microbiologist Anne Müller. She is investigating Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that can trigger gastric cancer, but also protects against allergies. More …

  • Microbiology

    Secret Weapon: Garlic

    With bacteria developing resistance, it’s become harder and harder for antibiotics to penetrate their defenses. This is why microbiologists like Leo Eberl are looking for ways to trick the microorganisms, disrupting them as they speak and eat.  More …

  • Citizens Science

    Citizens create knowledge

    Search for asteroids, observe birds or make the computing power of your own computer available: through ‘citizen science’, citizens can participate in various research projects. At a workshop hosted by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, scientists and other interested parties will discuss the conditions under which it can be achieved. More …

  • Clinical Research Priority Programs

    A Boost for Sleep Research

    A hectic lifestyle has lead to sleep problems and a chronic sleep deficit for many people. Under its Sleep and Health Clinical Research Priority Program (CRPP), the University of Zurich is seeking more effective therapies for sleep disorders and trying to gain a deeper understanding of the functions of sleep. More …

  • Neurosciences

    Teach Them Young

    Learning English can be child’s play for primary school kids, provided the teaching is intensive enough. Neuroscientists are now looking into how learning foreign languages affects the brain. More …

  • Geography

    Babies to Order

    Surrogate mothers dream of a better life, while the prospective parents dream of a happy family. But the people who profit most from this business are the lawyers and the surrogate parenting agencies. More …

  • Virology

    Globetrotting Quick-Change Artist

    Flu viruses mutate constantly, and can be very dangerous for humans. Virologist Lars Hangartner is working on a vaccine giving long-term protection against all potential flu viruses. More …