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  • 2. Swiss-Kyoto-Symposium

    Research with Japan

    UZH fosters close cooperation with Kyoto University. The topics featured at the second joint symposium at the beginning of November included digital law and Japanese art. More …

  • Astrophysics

    How giant planets form

    Young giant planets are born from gas and dust. Researchers of ETH Zürich and UZH simulated different scenarios relying on the computing power of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) to find out how they exactly form and evolve. More …

  • Research Collaboration

    Flagship Project Dedicated to Skin Research

    The research network University Medicine Zurich has launched a new, large-scale interdisciplinary project dedicated to skin research – helping to make Zurich one of the world’s leading centers in the field. More …

  • G20 Summit

    How to green Finance

    G20 Leaders welcomed “Green Finance” at their meeting on September 4-5 in China. The call for increasing investment in green finance was supported by a report by Kern Alexander, Professor at the Faculty of Law at UZH. More …

  • Innovation

    University of Zurich Makes the Top Ten

    An outstanding tenth place in the new rankings of Europe’s most innovative universities underscores the University of Zurich’s excellence in research and innovation. More …

  • Zürich meets London: Day 2

    Meetings of Minds

    Yesterday the main themes of the Zürich meets London festival were financial services and neuroscience. Here’s our report on the day’s events, including statements from UZH President Michael Hengartner and Mayor Corine Mauch. More …

  • Data Analysis

    Cool Calculation

    Marcin Chrząszcz, a physicist who does research into exotic elementary particles at CERN, organized a competition for data scientists. The best solutions were recently presented at the UZH Department of Physics. More …

  • New Publication Platform

    Galileo Would Have Loved It!

    It often takes years before individual discoveries are published. A new publication platform called Matters, developed at UZH, enables researchers to publish interim findings more quickly than used to be possible. The new platform was presented yesterday. More …

  • Pharmacology

    Breaking the vicious circle of heart failure

    In patients with heart failure, the pumping power of the heart decreases in a fatal downward spiral. Pharmacologists at the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich have now succeeded in breaking this vicious circle in the mouse model. Their approach could one day also benefit humans. More …

  • Highly Cited UZH Research

    Top Grades for UZH Researchers

    The current list of the most frequently cited researchers features UZH academics Beat Keller, Enrico Martinoia, Ernst Fehr, Christian von Mering, Jordi Bascompte, and Torsten Hothorn. UZH News found out more about the work underlying these rankings. More …

  • Physics

    Research into Gravitational Waves Gets a Boost

    Last week researchers on the LIGO project were able to detect the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein. Philippe Jetzer, Professor of Physics at UZH, is involved in LISA, the European project that aims to measure gravitational waves in space. UZH News asked him about the significance of this discovery. More …

  • Globalization

    Middle Classes under Threat

    Globalization and technology are destroying jobs, and creating new ones. Economist David Dorn is looking into the impact this is having in the U.S. and Europe, and what jobs and professions have a future. More … 1 Comment

  • Microbiology

    Promising agents against tuberculosis

    Microbiologist Peter Sander and his team are tracking down new active agents against tuberculosis. From a library of several hundred thousand substances, the researchers have identified some very promising compounds. More …